What is KCSORD?

The Reserves provide the “extra bodies” necessary to accomplish extraordinary tasks that the Sheriff’s Department is called upon to carry out. As an example, of the 350 officers from various county and state law enforcement departments who were needed to control the KKK rally held in Kalamazoo in 1998, approximately 75 were reserve officers. These officers stood shoulder to shoulder with regular full-time officers facing the crowds.


With a reputation of excellence, recruits are sent to the academy from Van Buren County, Allegan County, Portage City Police Department and Kalamazoo Township. Training consists of over 100 hours of intense law enforcement training that gives the recruit a basic understanding of day to day police work. The classes, held between January and May of each year, include basic law, use of force, crime scene investigation, domestic disputes and other facets of law enforcement.

How to Join

In August & September of each year, applications are solicited through the local media such as radio, television and newspapers. The applicants are thoroughly screened, including background checks and personal interviews. Those selected are then appointed to the Reserve Academy, which begins in January of each year and is sponsored by the Kalamazoo County Sheriffs Department.